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custom products to promote your business

custom products to promote your business

custom products to promote your businesscustom products to promote your business

with over 40 years in sign making...

Geet Faulkner


    40 + years from billboards to wall graphics, gym floors and truck doors, spraying sign cabinets and lexan faces, fleet graphics & vehicle wraps, hand carved signs and gold leafed fire trucks.

    I have worked as a business consultant, shop manager, salesman, graphic designer and trainer to sign shops and franchise sign businesses.

    Throughout the years I have had training from some of the industry leaders, countless mentors and have trained dozens of individuals in many areas of the sign trades. I have had articles published in trade magazines, and have awards for design and many of our works published in hot rod and motorcycle magazines.

    I offer a structured and very hands-on style of teaching with practice exercises, printed training materials and projects for students to keep featuring the skills they have learned.

Working in the sign business

   If you are a beginner looking for a new career, or looking to expand your skills.

   If you want to learn the traditional skills of a sign maker, or pinstriper.

   Computer generated design and production & installation techniques.

   Hot rod motorcycle pinstriping & lettering artist.

   These classes are designed to teach you proven skills to advance your career or help you start a new one.

learn the skills to advance in your sign making


Spring/Summer 2020


Introduction to Sign Making                                 2 days 8 people

1. Skills for sign shop jobs

2. Hand tool basics

3. Handmade vs computer

4. Jobs related to skills

5. Self employment

Hand Lettering & Pinstriping                          5 days 4-5 people

1. Brush control / techniques

2. Foundation of brush lettering

3. Basics of layout and design

4. Advanced lettering techniques

5. Pinstriping skills multiple applications

Computer Aided Sign Making                         5 days 4-5 people

1. Fundamentals of sign design

2. Color basics

3. Vector files

4. Basics of vinyl sign making

5. Installation/application

Wooden Sign Making / Hand Carving        6 days 4-5 people

1. Fundamentals of wooden signs

2. Designing wooden signs

3. Hand carved techniques

4. Gold leaf for carved signs

5. Pictorial & detail painting

Principals of Sign Design                                    3 days 6-8 people

1. Design basics in the sign world

2. Color usage for signs & vehicles

3. Fonts & typography

4. Vehicle graphic design

Gold Leaf Techniques                                            4 days 4-5 people

1. How gold leaf “works”

2. Gold leaf lettering

3. Advanced techniques

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